Meet Shayla, a dynamic individual with a passion for communication and marketing. She kickstarted her college experience as a cheerleader at Valdosta State University before transferring to the greatest University in the land, THE University of Georgia (GO DAWGS!), where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and a minor in Communications from Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communication.

When the world faced the challenges of COVID-19, Shayla didn’t back down. Instead, she seized the moment, pursuing a master’s degree in communications at Purdue University. Along the way, she earned a Strategic Communication Management Certificate, showcasing her commitment to excellence.

Shayla’s career journey, from her early days as a Radio Personality with Cox Media Group to her ventures in Business Development, is a testament to her extraordinary drive and passion. Fueled by her love for marketing, she fearlessly embraced the challenge of joining the dynamic team at c21, where she brings her expertise in event planning, social media mastery, compelling copywriting, and all facets of marketing to the forefront.

In addition to her role at c21, Shayla serves as the COO of the Led A Better Way nonprofit, where she manages the entire business operation, including coordinating CEO Jonathan Ledbetter’s speaking engagements, planning his annual Youth Football Camp, spearheading the organization’s social media initiatives, and more. Jonathan’s remarkable contributions to Led A Better Way earned him a Walter Payton Man of the Year nomination in 2024. Shayla attended the prestigious award ceremony in Las Vegas during Super Bowl weekend, highlighting the remarkable dedication they both poured into their work with Led A Better Way throughout the year. It’s worth noting that only one athlete per team is nominated for this esteemed award.

As a devoted dog mom to her beloved Fluffy Frenchies, Kardi & Mulatto, Shayla finds joy in every tail wag and playful romp. Beyond her furry companions, Shayla is an avid traveler, having explored 16 countries in just seven years, fueled by her love for experiencing new cultures and adventures.

When she’s not jet-setting or crafting captivating campaigns, Shayla cherishes moments with loved ones, indulges in the joys of online retail therapy and stays connected through the ever-evolving world of social media.

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