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Did you know each day people spend one in every five minutes on social media platforms? Or that in just five hours people can actually consume about seven hours worth of information using Thinking Business Woman With Many Questions In Bubbles Abovea mobile device? No? We didn’t either.

We know that the world today is in large part driven via social media platforms and all things mobile have become a necessity, and for some an obsession, in day-to-day life. Let’s face it, most people are handcuffed to their mobile devices, but to actually see the real numbers is a little shocking.

These statistics (and many more) are what we “c21ers” learn each month at luncheons, webinars, information sessions and classes. At c21, we’re always looking to expand our industry knowledge to help our clients build their brands and stay ahead of the competition.

We regularly attend the Public Relations Society of America, Georgia Chapter as well as the American Marketing Association, Atlanta Chapter luncheons with topics ranging from improving social media tactics to better ways to reach media outlets and more.

As a team, we genuinely enjoy the networking that comes from attending these events too. It’s a chance to build connections in our field, which can ultimately help our clients.

Our thirst for knowledge doesn’t stop there. Not only do we attend a variety of educational events, but we also look for ways to continuously learn faster methods for Photoshop, Dreamweaver or our email marketing system.

The most important part (besides the delicious eats we enjoy) is the fact that we share our knowledge both internally and externally.

For example, recently we learned some new content targeting tricks on Facebook that we immediately put into use for our client, Alzheimer’s Association, with amazing success.

Targeting is the key. Knowing who your audience is and what social media platform is most effective allows us to create a plan that best suits our client’s end goal.

At c21 we believe in education and training. We pride ourselves on providing the best results for our clients, no matter what industry they are in, and truly believe in our motto, “Remarkable service. Real results.” This is why we continuously work to stay ahead of the curve by networking and attending information sessions as often as possible.

Is there a marketing tip you recently learned that blew your mind?


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