Georgia Cyber Center – Branding

Georgia Technology Authority (GTA), Georgia’s state agency that manages the delivery of IT infrastructure services to 85 Executive Branch agencies and managed network services to 1,300 state and local government entities, was suddenly thrust into a real estate development role when Governor Nathan Deal announced the creation of the nation’s largest investment in a cybersecurity facility in Augusta.

c21 was hired to develop a brand, logo, communications plan, marketing strategy, website, collateral, video and more. There were several challenges to the branding and logo development including the project’s initial very long name - The Hull McKnight Georgia Center for Cyber Innovation and Training.

c21 recommended a name change to the Georgia Cyber Center for Innovation and Training. During the design process, the client decided to eliminate “Innovation and Training” from the name. As a result, we developed a logo featuring the Georgia Cyber Center as the primary name yet allowing for flexibility to add building names, including Hull-McKnight and Shaffer MacCartney.

We developed the final logo with the following description:

The base of the logo is a G for the state of Georgia and its investment in the creation of the nation’s single largest facility dedicated to cyber innovation and training. The fortress above symbolizes the security citizens of Georgia and the nation will experience as this facility prepares thousands of people in the latest cybersecurity techniques.

As the buildings were named, the logo easily accommodated the additions and kept the logo standards intact.
Georgia Cyber Center Logos

After finalizing the logo design, we developed a brand standards manual to guide the use of the brand going forward.

Over the year and a half-long project, we developed marketing collateral, three videos, the official website (using a government mandated template), and launched the Georgia Cyber Center’s social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. We grew Facebook followers to more than 2,000 within five months using social ads – even before the doors of the first building opened. Social media has now transitioned to the facility owner – Augusta University. Read about our integrated marketing plan for Georgia Cyber Center here.

Samples of our work are below (Brand guide, grand opening brochure/program):

Georgia Cyber Center print collateral items
Georgia Cyber Center social media and website examples

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