Public Engagement

In today’s highly digital world, sometimes moving the public opinion needle requires connecting directly with people in a community. Or maybe you need to get ahead of potential negative sentiment around a project. That's where c21 can help. Our hands-on public engagement campaigns are designed to show the community the benefits of your project, product, service or organization.

Every campaign is unique and our approach is tailored to your specific needs. Public engagement services include but are not limited to: 

Town Hall for Public Engagement
  • Public Meetings and Workshops: We plan and facilitate in-person meetings, town halls and events to share information with your target audiences
  • Stakeholder Mapping and Analysis: Identifying key community members and groups to tailor your engagement efforts effectively is key
  • Reputation Management: Crafting and maintaining a positive image through consistent and transparent communication
  • Speaking Engagements: Leveraging our extensive network to book speaking engagements that put you in front of your target audience and key influencers

In addition to these public engagement tactics, we recommend an integrated approach, including other PR and digital marketing strategies like:

  • Crisis Communication Management: Providing support and guidance to navigate challenges and maintain public trust
  • Media Relations: Engaging with media to share the facts around your story and counter any misinformation
  • Digital Engagement: Utilizing email marketing, social media, digital ads and more to extend the reach of your message

All tactics combine to create a comprehensive public engagement campaign to educate, influence public opinion and help your organization thrive. Contact us to learn how we can help!

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