Navigating Entertainment While Practicing Social Distancing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

We’ve all heard it before, “These are unprecedented times,” but what does that mean? What should we do? With the growing fear of the coronavirus spread and unknown consequences to the economy, isolation and anxiety can be detrimental to everyone’s mental health. Humans crave contact and interaction — even introverts need some attention.

Whether you’re streaming content at home or craving to see actual faces in real life, c21 has amassed some ideas for entertainment and staying engaged with others while also safely maintaining social distancing practices.

If you haven’t finished Tiger King, Love is Blind and Too Hot to Handle or you’re just looking to catch up on — anything else, Netflix Party, allows you to watch available Netflix programming with your friends online. By installing the Chrome extension, the host can share a link to the watch party, where everyone can participate in an online chat while watching the movie simultaneously. Want to watch something not available on Netflix? Websites and apps like Kast and Discord also allow a user to share their screen with an invited list of online attendees.

Live theater companies have also been sharing archived content online for viewers to enjoy for a mere request of donations to help support their operations and staff. Local comedy theaters like Dad’s Garage and the Village Theatre have taken to the online platform Twitch, to broadcast live original content as well as previously recorded content while viewers can chat in a sidebar. The National Theatre in London has been releasing its full-length plays on YouTube every Thursday available until the next streamed release.

Feel like you’ve literally seen everything on the internet? Or become all too familiar with Zoom (or other virtual meeting applications)? Spice up your virtual hangouts by playing a Jackbox game together! Whoever owns a Jackbox package of games (of which there are several), can share their screen of prompts, which can include fictitious words, drawings or trivia, while everyone else logins into the Jackbox room on their phones and enters their answers, guess or preferences. Hilarity ensues!

Still need more interaction? Movie theaters in Atlanta are getting creative! Theaters like the Plaza Theatre are looking to join on its drive-in action where you can watch movies outside from the safety of your own car! The Plaza also offers the option to rent the theater for private screenings for groups of 10 or under. It’s like watching a movie in a giant living room with all your friends (socially distanced, of course).

Deepdene Park

Cascade Springs Nature Preserve

Cochran Mill Park

Morningside Nature Preserve

Southside Park Trail

Tired of looking at a screen? Grab a friend and get outside! Discover hiking trails within the city or even further out. Metro Atlanta has many hidden gems like Lullwater Park, Deepdene Park, Morningside Nature Preserve, Cascade Nature Preserve, Henderson Park and more! Of course, there are the beautiful north Georgia mountains and a plethora of hiking options like Gahuti Mountain Trail, Amicalola FallsRed Top Mountain and more. Just be mindful of peak times.

We understand that these are tough and scary times. Remember to take each day one day at a time, be mindful and kind to others, practice social distancing when possible and wash your hands! Remind yourself that this situation is temporary and we will get through this!



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