Introspections of a c21 Intern Part 2: Diversify Your Content

This is a communications blog by me, Emma Smith, c21’s 2022 former intern, now an account manager. These entries combine marcom lessons with my daily tasks as I started recording in the early days of my internship. I hope these thoughts and lessons may help another person just starting out in the whirlwind industry of PR and marketing. (Read part 1 here.)

Marcom Lesson 2: Diversify Your Content

I had the opportunity to work with a new-to-me client and create a social media content calendar. As opposed to other calendars I’d done in smaller batches, this calendar was for the entire month of October. That’s a lot of content! Luckily, I had recently pulled events for their newsletter, so I could repurpose them in smaller posts (which is a smart tip for content creators that we’ll talk about later.) Finding even more topics to post is going to be a little bit harder, but I have some sources to start with.

Drafting varied content takes more intentional thinking. One way to do it is to have the same general idea reworked in different forms. It can be a blog post, an infographic, a video, etc. When the content comes in different packaging, people don’t get bored as easily and they can absorb the message in the form most comfortable for them.

The content can also be used to redirect people to other platforms. Instagram stories are short, so watch the whole video on Facebook. Here is part of a blog on LinkedIn. Visit the website for the full publication. also suggests getting different people to write content to mix it up. This works especially well because I have not done anything for this particular client yet, and now I am writing for its social pages. Even if the style is the same, just having someone else look at it can be enough to mix things up and bring new ideas to the table.

I also got to work more with the online design program Canva, which is both good and bad. Bad, because I’m bad at it, but good because it means I can become less bad at it. It was hard to put a lot of elements on the document without looking messy (to me), but all the information was necessary, so I had to make do. In the end, it turned out well enough, I suppose. Frances said it was good – and then gave a ton of edits. But they were needed.

Check back for part three of this blog series coming soon!



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