Five Favorite Moments from Final Four

Well, we made it. The 2013 Men’s Final Four has ended, the c21 team has slept and the team in North Texas is gearing up for 2014. But before the glow of April 5-8 completely fades, I thought I’d share my top five moments of Final Four week.

During Final Four weekend, I managed media relations for journalists and photographers covering The Big Dance Concert Series. It was a crazy, crowded and challenging experience, and full of memorable moments.

Watching Lauren and Paige literally run down the street to help. During one stressful moment on the job, I called mayday to my c21 team and these fabulous ladies were dispatched to help me. Thirty minutes later I glanced up to seem them sprinting toward me. “We’re so sorry we didn’t get here faster! Tell us how to help.” There’s just not much better than true teamwork and great teammates you can count on.

Coca-Cola giving out free cans of Coca-Cola Zero to the crowd as fans left Centennial Olympic Park following Saturday’s lineup at The Big Dance. Atlanta is proud of our Coca-Cola heritage, and my view from our media tent gave me front-row access to the delight of fans to get their free can. And also, I was thirsty!

A tweet from the AJC’s Jamila Robinson. A major highlight of the weekend was getting to work with so many fantastic journalists and photographers. After three days of togetherness, we were starting to feel like a little family! Of course, appreciation is always nice, but when a member of the media acknowledges you for good work … well, that’s going to make the highlight reel.

No cell or wi-fi service. Ok, so you’re wondering why that’s one of my top moments. But the funny thing about being unable to communicate with others via phone is that you learn to trust yourself, your instinct and your team on the street. I find myself grateful that the throngs of fans in a small area gave me spotty service, because it also gave me an extra jolt of confidence.

That moment when the weekend ended. Just kidding. But also, really. It was a long week, full of ups and downs, and little sleep. So the relief of catching your breath was palpable, as was the pride of contributing to such an important event for Atlanta.


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