Xtralis – Google Ads



Xtralis, a Dublin, Ireland-based smoke and gas detection company was looking to improve its pay per click (PPC) performance while reducing its budget by 50 percent.


communications 21® (c21) reviewed Xtralis’ keywords, ad performance and ad content and realized that many ads were not performing well or did not have specific landing pages with targeted content for a range of potential buyers.

First, we identified a variety of searchers, including educated (product-specific), casual (general detection) and decision-makers (industry-specific).

Then, c21 worked in partnership with Xtralis to get new product information and create added landing pages, as well as updating the keywords and ad content to focus on each niche audience.

c21 focused its efforts on Google to drive traffic to the product specific landing pages.

Google rewards well-performing ads with a lower cost per click rate and improved position. Our campaign changes resulted in the following
More than 50 million impressions and over 200,000 clicks
Improved CTR by 280%
Average cost per click down to $.25 from a previous $1.75
Average position is 2.2

This effort won an AMY Award for search marketing PPC, beating out firms that specialize in interactive marketing and online advertising.

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