QTS – Social Media

QTS Realty Trust (NYSE: QTS), a data center and cloud services provider, had been engaging in social media marketing for several years with moderately positive results, but they were not working toward quantifiable social media goals. QTS asked c21 to not only develop measurable goals, but also manage the social media program in order to meet them.

communications 21® (c21) developed a comprehensive one-page plan for QTS public relations and social media objectives, strategies and tactics. The agency analyzed QTS’ follower growth and engagement trends across Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter, and compared them to industry standards. The team also examined the mix of content to understand which types the posts generated the most results. Lastly, c21 identified specific QTS activities that would warrant unique social media campaigns, such as QTS-hosted events, and tradeshow and conference participation.

c21 created goals that were relevant to each platform’s past performance and QTS’ target audiences. For example, the corporate Facebook profile is primarily an internal communications platform, so we established a fan engagement goal, but no fan growth goal. LinkedIn, a top referral source to the QTS website, was given a 50 percent follower increase goal.

The one-page plan and social media metrics were in place for measurement in January 2015. As of June 2015, QTS was within 40%-60% on the majority of its social media goals, and in fact c21 surpassed one target goal by June.

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