Partnerscapes – Rebranding

Old Partners for Conservation Logo

Partners for Conservation, which connects private landowners with partner organizations to improve conservation efforts, was experiencing brand confusion with Partnership for Conservation – an organization focused on completely different initiatives and considered controversial. Partners for Conservation changed its name to Partnerscapes - combining partners and landscapes – to differentiate and trademark the name.

c21 conducted an extensive rebranding process for Partnerscapes using our six C’s – (clarify, conduct, collaborate, create, confirm, communicate), which included board member meetings, research, surveys, logo development, editing and selection. In total, we:

  • Held a board member focus group with individuals who had varying opinions on the brand’s look and feel
  • Conducted research to define the organization’s unique value proposition
  • Developed an updated mission and vision statement and SWOT analysis
  • Created a tagline
  • Drafted a creative brief that included the mission, vision, tagline and desired design elements
  • Crowd-sourced a primary logo design and treatment
  • Created a brand guide once the final logos were selected
  • Created an identity roll-out launch plan and timeline

Through the process, we created two strong but different logos. After multiple discussions and equal online voting results, the client decided to have a primary and secondary logo. The secondary logo is reserved for special events – giving them added flexibility.

New Partnerscapes Logos
Partnerscapes Brand Guide Example

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