Mystic Wine Shoppe – Email Marketing


Located in Arlington, Massachusetts, Mystic Wine Shoppe is the central location for fine wines, craft beer and spirits.

Following the grand opening on February 13, 2013, Mystic Wine Shoppe sought out a tactic to establish a loyal customer fan base and to showcase the special products and events the Shoppe offered on a weekly basis.

communications 21 recommended and created an email marketing platform that promoted Mystic Wine Shoppe’s distinctive individuality to its target audience of wine and beer enthusiasts and customers. In order to do more than promote products, c21 suggested that the e-newsletter, distributed monthly, provide recipients with store features and spotlights to showcase the unique experience Mystic Wine Shoppe provides its customers.

The e-newsletter provides details on weekend wine and beer tastings and features a customer spotlight, manager’s picks, monthly specials, new products, recipes and upcoming Arlington events. Additionally, e-blasts are distributed sporadically as event reminders. c21 cross-promotes Mystic Wine Shoppe’s Facebook and Twitter accounts in each issues, and encourages recipients of the e-newsletter to connect with Mystic on social media.

Mystic Wine Shoppe’s email marketing platform was immediately successful. The e-newsletters maintain an average open rate of 29.2 percent, above industry standard, and an average click-through rate of 2.7 percent. The email list of recipients grows continuously from month to month and is approaching 400 active contacts, after six months.

Mystic Wine Shoppe has quickly become a local haven for wine lovers and craft beer enthusiasts, while the e-newsletters continue to promote the Shoppes’ events, provide content that’s of interest and engaging to the target audience and highlight happenings around the Shoppe to build a stronger relationship between its customers.

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