Mauldin & Jenkins – Collateral


With a history of more than 80 years, Georgia-based accounting firm Mauldin & Jenkins had an established reputation, but lower visibility than some of its competitors. In fact, the company was still using pre-published generic marketing pieces. When the firm opened its first Alabama location, it used this as an opportunity to redevelop its marketing strategy. The new company image needed to speak to a variety of audiences, including employees, potential employees, clients and prospective clients.

After analyzing Mauldin & Jenkins’ existing marketing materials and speaking with the firm’s executives, c21 created the tag line “Numbers Matter. People Count.” that embodies the company’s focus on personal service and creating partnerships.

mj-imgBreaking away from the standard, conservative dark blue, we designed a color palette of yellows and gold-tones, as well as complementary blues. The variations of color tones in the palette gave the company ultimate flexibility in creating visually appealing pieces that could be used by different practice areas – yet still remain consistent with an overall design standard.

To produce the materials in a cost-effective manner – they are accountants, after all – c21 recommended a phased process for collateral development that paralleled the company’s trade show schedule. Over a 12-month time period, we created a variety of marketing materials, including trade show banners, a pocket folder, specific brochures, such as recruiting and governmental services, and more than 10 practice area inserts.

The re-branding program unified the various practice areas and created a sense of pride in the firm’s new look. Many divisions requested additional marketing pieces with the new brand image. In addition, at recruitment fairs, students told Mauldin & Jenkins’ representatives that the bright colors and the tag line drew them to the booth to learn more about the firm. We have since expanded the rebranding to extend to the company’s advertising campaign.

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