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The Dairy Council of Florida, a component of the farmer-funded Florida Dairy Farmers organization, provides research-based education about the benefits of milk, cheese and yogurt to dieticians, doctors, nurses and other health professionals throughout the state. The health professionals, in turn, share dairy messaging with their audiences via speaking engagements, health fairs and media interviews.

To counteract competition from soy milk and other milk alternatives in the marketplace, the Dairy Council of Florida wanted to ensure that its health professional partners were armed with accurate messaging about the benefits of dairy and its nutritional advantages over non-dairy competitors. c21 was selected to conduct a media training focused on milk imitators and lactose intolerance for 40 registered dieticians and health professionals who work for school systems and hospitals throughout the state.

c21 executed its BeHeard media training for healthcare professionals over a two-day period to accommodate the large group size. Understanding the client’s goal was to educate and train individuals who are not experts in dairy industry messaging, we worked with the Dairy Council of Florida to develop media training topics that addressed nutrition and wellness from a broader perspective, while also conveying distinct pro-dairy messages.

The training session included a review of c21’s BeHeard manual of media interview and public speaking tips and tricks, as well as mock interviews that were videotaped and reviewed to provide the trainees with immediate feedback and recommendations for improvement.

Following the training, Dairy Council of Florida reported that the health professionals who received training were doing a better job of positioning the benefits of dairy against milk alternatives.

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