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Email Marketing

Braden Fellman Group, Ltd. is a property management company offering a variety of in-town apartments, lofts and commercial spaces throughout Atlanta.

In order to establish and retain current residents and engage with potential residents in Atlanta’s highly competitive rental market, Braden Fellman sought to create a presence on social media and develop a quarterly e-newsletter to build a stronger sense of the “intown” community.

Braden Fellman’s potential residential customer base is primarily young adults in the 20-35 age range who are students, artists or young professionals. Knowing that this younger demographic is highly active on social media, c21 recommended Facebook as the social media platform. c21 created and launched a branded Facebook page and crafted posts that focus on the arts, lifestyle of intown Atlanta. Since our target audience is a youthful, artistic and community-focused group, we focus on these interests to encourage engagement in social media posts, as well as incorporating conversational posts.

For the e-newsletter, c21 recommended moving beyond the purely promotional messages used by competitors to better connect with current and future residents. c21 developed a Resident Spotlight section to showcase the unique and interesting tenants living in Braden Fellman’s properties. Other sections of the e-newsletter include a property spotlight, a social media contest, company updates, and a sidebar that contains information and links to local events happening near the properties, such as concerts, festivals and art shows. c21 utilizes cross-promotion in each e-newsletter by driving traffic to the Facebook page and encouraging recipients of the e-newsletter to “like” the company page.

Braden Fellman’s Facebook page has attracted more than 1,200 followers. Each month, the page generates over 30 fan interactions and 80,000 impressions. Braden Fellman’s email marketing platform maintains an average open rate of 32.9% and a click-through rate of 5.32%. The email list of recipients has grown to over 1,200 contacts.

Both Facebook and email marketing promote the areas and events surrounding Braden Fellman properties, provide content that’s of interest and engaging to the target audience, highlight neighborhoods and profile tenants to build a stronger sense of the “intown” community.

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