Buckhead CID – Video



The Buckhead Community Improvement District (BCID), together with the City of Atlanta and its community partners, works to invest tax dollars and other funds to make meaningful improvements in transportation and public spaces. The scope of its work, which includes improvements to publicly owned streets, pathways and parks, can be difficult to convey to local residents and business leaders with maps and drawings.

communications 21® (c21) recommended that BCID develop a series of short videos (three minutes or less) to help illustrate the impact of its work. c21 worked with BCID’s executive director, Jim Durrett, to identify projects with the strongest visual impact, then filmed on-location at each project. The final videos featured Durrett narrating a case study of each project combined with b-roll footage depicting the project’s scope. The resulting series created a virtual tour of the project sites.

c21 developed a series of three videos that highlight the MARTA Pedestrian Bridge, the Peachtree Road Transformation and the Buckhead Gateway. c21 posted the videos on a variety of platforms to maximize content marketing efforts, including on the BCID YouTube and Facebook pages, tagging each with optimized keywords to help increase organic search engine results. We also posted them on the BCID website on each project’s specific page. Lastly, we featured the videos in the BCID e-newsletter that is distributed to an opted-in list of more than 900 subscribers. To date, the videos have received more than 1,800 views and a great deal of positive feedback from the community.

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