c21tv, Episode 9: Wazzup with Tara?


c21tv episode nine – Wazzup with Tara?

Tara: Wazzup? So like, this is a question that I do have an answer to and it’s very different than if you ask me just “what’s up?” Because if you ask me, “Tara, what’s up?” then I’m going to say, “not much” or “I’m a little busy today.” But if you ask me, “wazzup?” you are already starting the social interaction by being weird and extra and you’re kind of breaking the social convention of just asking me a random little pleasantry in a way where clearly I’m supposed to answer it quickly and uninterestingly.

What Do You Like About Interning at c21?

What do I like about interning at c21? I think it’s an environment that allows me to sort of like put some of my personality into the work which I really appreciate. I was going to do just a boring video about my career or my coursework and the team let me do this video of just weird stuff that let me flex my creative muscle a little more and have fun with it and I think a lot of work environments – even a lot of work environments that I myself have worked in – would not have encouraged me to have fun with my work and sort of take the opportunities to be creative and kind of grow in sort of unexpected ways and I really appreciate that. And I think that I’ve grown a lot more than if I was just forced to take my personality out of my work entirely.

Where is Waldo?

I don’t know. I feel like – I used to do Where’s Waldo books a lot when I was younger. I feel like what’s really fun about them is that they’re really freaking difficult and you just have to sort of like. I don’t know – I think like the fun of them is more the challenge of trying to do them that it is actually finding Waldo. And I feel like that is a good mindset that I have academically and professionally as well. In the process of trying to find something kind of like abstract and arbitrary that doesn’t actually mean anything, I get like – a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction just from the progress of like wandering around and proving myself. And then I find Waldo and I’m like, “Oh. He was in the corner.” Obviously.

The Best Part of Waking Up

I think the best part of waking up is like when you’re not really awake yet and you’re sort of still in your dream. Like, I’ll think of random sentences or like little bits of nonsense from when I was waking up and it sort of sets the mood for a very weird first hour of my day. Like I have really weird, random starting points for other good ideas from the random things I’m thinking of when I’m waking up. Like I’ll have a dream that I’m in some weird warehouse or something and then I’ll wake up and just sort of be in the mood to like think about liminal spaces or ambiguous concepts.

How Now Brown Cow?

How now brown cow. An excellent question and one that we are brave enough to ask and get the answers to when no one else will. I could’ve talked about something really boring like how I make lists or how I stay organized at work. And if you’re ever trying to do something creative and you start with something really practical and boring, chances are your answer will also be extremely boring. So if you’re ever trying to think of, I don’t know, a cool idea for a video or like a fun way to start an interview or something, and you ask yourself a question like, “how now brown cow?” the odds of you thinking of something extremely boring to say in response to that are very low because that is an interesting and creative prompt and it’s a lot more exciting than someone asking you how you stay organized. How now brown cow?



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