c21tv, Episode 7: Exploring New Horizons with Danielle


c21tv episode seven – Danielle Impara

The Personalities

Danielle: The thing that I love most about being a c21 intern is 1000% the people. I am definitely an extrovert and I like to be around different kinds of personalities and c21 – the team here is just so unique and I get to do that – be around all these personalities. And you can see those personalities come out in all the work that everyone does and that’s just – I love it.

The Connections

The advice that I give to people looking for internships is network, network network. Whether it’s making connections actually from your school or from family members and friends, or even Facebook groups, and just make those valuable connections and build off of those.

The Passion

So my experience in sports marketing and management kind of blossomed from me participating in almost any sport you can ever think of as a child and it just fueled my passion for sports. And so I actually worked for the UGA baseball team as a special events intern and also managing on-field games where I was in charge of umpire experience and improving overall game experience and speeding up the already slow game that is baseball.

The Explorer

Moving to France in the middle of a global pandemic was crazy in and of itself. The restrictions imposed by the French government were a little bit insane but I got to explore a whole new city and improve on my French language skills which is something you can’t just do by taking classes. And pursuing a master’s degree in a foreign country was something that just takes you out of your comfort zone and I didn’t even know that I needed it until I came home.

The Riviera

My favorite place that I’ve visited is – well I’ve been to a bunch of different places for various reasons – but for like, pleasure I guess, I really love the French Riviera. I studied abroad in Aix-en-Provence and it was just an incredibly cute little town with so much history and culture and it was right next to the Mediterranean and also it was very close to the lavender fields which are beautiful by themselves. And my favorite place around that area too which is the Gorges du Verdon which is basically the Grand Canyon of France and it was just – the turquoise waters just shine and glitter and it’s magical.


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