c21tv, Episode 3: Focused on Results with Jamie


c21tv episode three – Focused on Results – Jamie Donaldson

The Highlight

Jamie: One of the highlights of my time here at c21 so far has been working on the Georgia Cyber Center which was a $100 million cyber security training facility in Augusta, Georgia that brought together public and private sectors along with military and academia. We worked with the Georgia Technology Authority on an integrated marketing plan for that which included social media, branding, the logo, media relations, website content and the grand opening. So that was a really interesting project.

I also really enjoy working on the Atlanta Jazz Festival which we’ve done since the 40th anniversary and that’s one of the world’s largest free jazz festivals and it’s held just a couple miles away at Piedmont Park so that’s always a lot of fun.

The Mom Life

Life as a new mom during a pandemic has been challenging. It wasn’t in my original plan when I decided to have a baby to have a pandemic baby but here we are. I imagine it’s always difficult to be a new mom but pandemic life is the only life I’ve known so far with a baby so that’s what it is right now. Luckily c21 has given me a lot of flexibility to deal with the challenges that come with having a baby in a pandemic.

The Video Game

I do have a favorite video game. My favorite video game is actually a series of games which is The Sims. It’s been around since like 2001 or something so I started playing when they came out and have played all the subsequent iterations – two, three, four, all the expansion packs. I don’t really get a whole lot of time to play these days but that is usually my game of choice on PC.

The Difference

c21 is different from other agencies in Atlanta because of our focus on results. So we don’t generally recommend tactics to our clients that aren’t measurable because we want them to be able to see that their investment in us is resulting in the outcomes that they’re looking for and we do this by providing our clients with an analytics dashboard each month so that they can actually track where we are in terms of their goals and our goals.

The Advice

The best advice I’ve received…This isn’t anything profound. It’s not even life advice but always keep you lens cap in your left pocket or I guess in your left hand. Just because the two L’s, you would always remember that your left hand, left pocket has the lens cap and you don’t lose it but I guess that advice can apply to pretty much anything that you could lose so. It’s not super profound advice. It’s just something one of my telecom professors reiterated over and over again and so it’s stuck in my head and it actually is useful in everyday life if you’re someone who uses a camera.



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