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Top Ten Most Interesting Facts from #SoCon11

Last Saturday, the Center for Sustainable Journalism hosted the fifth annual SoCon – a conference that brings together Georgia’s brightest social media experts and practitioners.  Each year communications 21 sends team members to SoCon to learn the latest tips and trends so that we can help our clients execute innovative online marketing strategies.  This year, I was joined by hundreds of attendees from a variety of industries who came together to learn and network during the jam-packed day of speakers and sessions at Kennesaw State University.  And trust me, there was a whole lotta tweeting goin’ on!

I learned new ways to utilize QR codes, the latest facts on broadband usage and how to get the biggest ROI out of social media programs.  So without further ado, here are the Top 10 Most Interesting Facts from SoCon11:

1.       By 2015, more people will be accessing the Internet through mobile devices rather than laptops and PCs.

2.       Millenials engage with 6 to 10 peers before making a consumer decision.

3.       Currently, AT&T employs 40 people whose sole job is to tweet.  But that’s not enough – they’re hiring an additional 40 tweeters in 2011!  Here’s an example of a tweeter: @ATTSusan.

4.       By encouraging Facebook fans to use the “share” feature, rather than the “like” or “comment” feature, you can increase your number of brand impressions.

5.       Thirty five percent of mobile users have apps on their smartphones, but only 24% actually use the apps.

6.       A majority of Americans are now using mobile devices as their primary mode of checking the news.

7.       Job seekers are now including their social influence (i.e. number of Twitter followers, number of foursquare mayorships, etc.) in their cover letters when applying for jobs.

8.       The vast majority of Fortune 1000 companies are either already implementing social media programs or are working on pilot programs.

9.       Globally, the Android has surpassed the iPhone.

10.   QR Codes are most popular in Japan.  In fact, Japanese farmers are using QR Codes to label their produce so consumers can learn about the farm that grows the fruits and vegetables.

Thanks to all of the talented speakers who shared their industry insights, especially Ford’s Sam De La Garza for providing these sweet Ford Fiesta T-shirts!

Speaking of T-shirts, one conference attendee came ready for the session on QR Codes led by Atlanta’s own, Kellye Crane.

I’m already looking forward to next year’s SoCon.  In the meantime, you can find me on Twitter!

— Anna Ruth Williams