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Google+ brand pages – will they be worth the wait?

Ever since the search engine giant, Google, launched its new social media platform in June, c21’s clients have been asking, “How do we get on Google+?”

In the profound words of Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre, “Hold up, wait a minute.”

In July, Google+ opened the floodgates for folks like you and me to compartmentalize our friends, family members and coworkers into those now-famous concentric circles; but Google+ hasn’t allowed companies to take advantage of the new site…yet.

Initially, marketers were anxious to leverage the site for both companies and consumers.  A few brands came out of the gate with profiles, like Sesame Street.  Lacking a policy for businesses, Google+ gave the boot to those early adopters, including my childhood friends, Bert and Ernie.

Google’s product managers responded to booming business interest in a post last month, indicating that we will see brand pages by the end of 2011.  In the meantime, they have granted beta brand pages to a few, select companies, like Ford.

While Google+ perfects its brand pages, anticipation is building in marketing departments across the globe – for good reason.  Interactive experts predict that brands will be able to measure consumer interaction on Google+ pages using the widely acclaimed Google Analytics – providing valuable social media ROI.  In addition, it’s expected that Google will give companies greater search engine exposure by highlighting a company’s Google+ page in search results.  Most importantly, Google+ allows users to segment other users through circles, providing marketers with the ability to hyper-target posts, and yes, even Google Ads.

When Google+ finally raises the veil on its brand pages, c21 will provide clients with a full update on how to establish a corporate presence on the social media site and what the new rules mean for pay-per-click advertising and consumer interaction.  Until then, logon to Google+ and add the c21 team to your circles: Sharon, Marlena, Renee, Anna Ruth, Telleen and Karla!

– Anna RuthAnna Ruth Williams