As a senior account manager, Lily manages clients in industries including real estate, architecture, higher education, technology and more!

Lily’s professional life before c21 focused on marketing for construction. She was the one-stop-shop marketing professional for Van Winkle Construction and Hogan Construction Group. Her roles included website designer, public relations and photography coordinator, film lead, social media monkey, proposal generation lead, historic preservationist, exhibit curator, drone photographer and graphic designer.

Lily is a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a bachelor’s degree in Illustration and minor in Storyboarding. While at school, she diversified her skill set through classes outside her major, including graphic design and animation. She was a repeat presence in student animation and film projects as colorist, inker, vocal talent and storyboarder. That’s not all – she is also a cartoonist and children’s book illustrator! Her illustration work has been featured in galleries in the United States and France.

When Lily is not at work, and sometimes even while she is at work, she is a huge nerd with a passion for community outreach. She is a repeat volunteer, and sometimes co-lead, at the Dragon Con International Film Festival and Film Track, and has a regular presence at Covenant House Georgia. She also loves cats, musicals, Shonen manga and ice cream.

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