Born in Chicago, Illinois, and raised in the metro Detroit area, Kennedy is now finishing her bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism at Florida A&M University.

While putting herself in new situations is not out of the ordinary, going across the country for school and then applying for internships in yet another state was not easy. However, throughout her undergrad career, Kennedy made the most out of taking chances by competing in a pageant, performing with the dance team and participating a school-wide election. Running for Florida A&M’s Junior Senator taught her to always bet on yourself — despite the doubters.

By adopting this attitude and applying this confidence, Kennedy had the opportunity to work as a personal assistant at a podcast company in summer 2021 and was able to interview her first celebrity, Reginald Ballard, from the hit television show Martin. While at the company, she also worked on branding campaigns and created social media content. This experience allowed her to explore where her creative thinking could take her and opened her eyes to the opportunities available.

After graduating college, Kennedy has her sights set on working in the entertainment news industry. She is looking to her c21 internship to help enhance her writing skills, as well as sharpen her problem-solving and quick-thinking skills for future endeavors.

In her free time, in addition to creating fun content on TikTok, she is also known to binge watch her favorite Netflix series.